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      Cars VAZ - 21213, Vaz - 21217



Main operating Parameters and Dimensions


Seating capacity 4 or 51

Number of seats with rear seat folded 2

Payload, kg ......................................................................400

Mass of carried load, kg, maximum:

with 4 passengers 120

with 2 passengers 260

with 1 passenger 3302

Dry mass (non-serviced and non-equipped car), kg . . 1130

Curb mass (mass of fully serviced and equipped car without

payload), kg.........................................................  1 210

Gross mass, kg ,.................................................. 1610

Mass on front wheels.

curb............................................................ 705


Mass of rear wheels

curb ............................................................ 505

gross ........................................................... 825

overall dimensions (at static tyre radius of 31.5 mm)

Road clearance with gross mass at 315-mm static tyre radius,

mm, minimum:

to front suspension crossmember 281 (2883)

to rear axle beam 213 (2203)

to engine oil sump 31 Z (3193)

Minimum outer turning radius, front bumper, m, maximum 5.8

Minimum outer turning radius, front wheel track axis, m,

maximum 5.5

Maximum speed', km/h:

gross mass 1.35

driver and passenger 137

Acceleration time4 from rest through gears to 100 km/h, s:

gross mass 21

driver and passenger 19

Fuel consumption 4 per 100 km, maximum, L:

at 90 km/h in 5th gear 8.3

at 120 km/h in 5th gear 11.5

for city traffic 10.5

Maximum climbable gradient negotiated by car, % 58

Braking distance, gross mass, from 80 km/h on horizontal

section of dry and smooth asphalt road, m, maximum:

by service brakes 40

by one of service brake circuits 90


Gross mass of towed trailer5, kg:

trailer without brakes ................................... 300

trailer equipped with brakes ......................... 6006

1 For short-distance trips.

2 At load weight of 330 kg , 70 kg should be placed on the front seat, and 260 kg should be evenly distributed over the luggage compartment floor.

3 For tyre 6.95-16, static radius 322 mm.

4 Measured by special methods.

5 The trailer may be towed only by cars equipped with a special hitch.

6 May be used only on improved-surface roads.




Model VAZ-21213

Type four-stroke,



Number of arrangement of cylinders 4 in line

Cylinder bore and piston stroke, mm 82X80

Displacement, 1 1.69

Compression ratio 9.3 @ 0.2

Rated power to GOST 14846-81 (net) at crankshaft speed of

5200 min-', minimum, kW (hp) 58 (78.9)

Maximum torque to GOST 14846-81 (net) at crankshaft speed

of 3206,201) Min-1, minimum, N . m (kgf . m) 1 27 (1 2.9)

Minimum crankshaft idle speed, min 750-800

Firing order 1-3-4-2

Sense of crankshaft rofation clockwise

Mass fraction of CO in exhaust gases at idling to GOST, %, maximum 1.5

Lubrication system - combination: crankshaft and camshaft and'accessories drive shaft bearings are lubricated under pressure; cylinders, valve gear and its drive are lubricated by splashing. Gear oil pump with oil intake strainer and reducing valve in cover is arranged in engine oil sump. Easily detachable full-flow oil filter has filtering elements made of special cardboard.

Fuel system - with spill pipeline, fine fuel filter and gasoline vapours separator. Emulsion type downdraft carburettor comprises dual float chamber, successively opening throttle valves, automatic cold starting and warming up unit, idle system channels heating, secondary barrel mechanical control linkage, secondary barrel interlock system operating at cold starting and warning up, full load enrichment system, primary throttle valve cracker, and electromagnetic valve of limit speed economizer. Air cleaner with automatic temperature controller and replaceable filtering element made of special cardboard with nylon wool precleaner. Diaphragm fuel pump with screen filter and manual fuel priming lever.

Crankcase breathing system closed type with oil separator and flame arrester.



Cooling system -closed-circuit liquid-fype with semi-fransparenf expansion tank. Solid filler thermostat is enclosed in non-detachable case and is connected to system through hoses. Six-vane plastic fan is arranged on axle of centrifugal wafer pump and is set into motion by V-belt from damper type pulley installed on crankshaft. Radiator made of'aluminium is of single-flow type, provided with plastic tanks with drain plug and filler cap.


Ignition system - electronic, non-contact, with ignition coil, transistor control unit of limit speed economizer and primary throttle valve crcker, pickup distributor with centrifugal and vacuum spark timers. Spark plugs FE65CPR, AI 7 ABP. Initial spark advance angle is 1 10 set by timing marks on crankshaft pulley and on timing gear cover.


Exhaust system - two tandem-mounted mufflers, with exhaust pipe in the rear of the car. System is provided with recirculation valve operating automatically from thermovacuum switch.



Power Train

Clutch - dry, single-plafe, with diaphragm pressure spring. Hydraulic clutch release.

Gearbox - five-speed, all forward gears synchromeshed. Gearshift lever on floor funnel. Gear ratios: 1 st gear - 3.667; 2nd gear - 2.1 00; 3rd gear 1.361; 4fh gear - 1.00; fifth gear - 0.81 9; reverse - 3.526.

Transfer case -two-speed, three-shaft, with posifively-locked interaxle differential. Differential lock and transfer case gearshift levers are arranged on body floor tunnel.

Gear ratio: high - 1.2; low speed - 2.135.

Propeller shaft drive. Intermediate propeller shaft (between gearbox and transfer case) with flexible coupling and constant velocity universal joint. Rear and front axle drive propeller shafts with needle-bearing universal joints at ends. Universal joints and splined connections and provided with grease fittings.

Front axle. Front axle drive with centre differential is secured to engine. Final drive - bevel gear, hypoid, gear ratio - 3.9. Front wheel drive propeller shafts with oiled-for-life universal joints.

Rear axle - rigid beam. Rear axle drive with centre differential, final drive bevel gear, hypoid, gear ratio 3.9.





Front suspension -.independent, on swinging lateral wishbones with coil springs, telescopic hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers and sway eliminator. Joints are oiled for life.

Rear suspension - with coil springs, aouble-acfing telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, four longitudinal and one transverse radious rods.


Steering and Wheels


Steering. Steering mechanism - hourglass worm and roller on ball bearings, both enclosed in aluminium case. Steering mechanism gear ratio - 16.4. Steering linkage with side rods actuated by pitman arm and centre rod with idler arm.

Steering linkage joints are oiled for life. Steering gear is injury safe.'

Wheels- disk,.stamped, rim size 127J-406 (SJ-16); attachment- by five nuts; spare wheel in engine compartment.

Tyres-radial-ply 175/80R16 with 315 mm static radius or cross-ply 6.95-16 (175-406) with 322 mm static radius.




Double-circuit hydraulic brake system. One of brake circuits serves as emergency brake.


Service brakes: front - disk brakes with movable calipers and three-cylinder blocks; rear - drum brakes with alumirvium drums and cast-iron sleeves on working surface with self-aligni ' ng shoes and hydraulic cylinders. Brakes are operated from pedal with vacuum booster and brake master cylinder with two coaxial pisfons. Rear brake pressure regulator in hydraulic system prevents locking of rear wheels on braking and, in case of locking, provides locking of front wheels in advance to preclude skidding.

Parking brake - hand, with cable drive to rear wheel shoes from lever located on floor funnel between front seats.


Electrical Equipment


Wiring system - single-wire, negative ground return type. Rated voltage 12 V.

Storage battery - 6CT-SSA, capacity 2 . 1 O' (55 Ah) at 20-h discharge rate.

Current at high-rate discharge in cold (minus 18 oC) is 255 A.

Alternator - 371.3701 with built-in silicon-diode rectifier and electronic voltage regulator. Output current at crankshaft speed of 5000 min-' is 55 A.

Driven by V-belt from crankshaft pulley.

Starter - 35.3708, remote controlled, with solenoid switch and overrunning clutch.

Power rating - 1.3 kW.


Radio equipment. Provision is made for mounting a radio set of overall dimensions and method of attachment complying with International Standards 150 7736, DIN 75500. Complying with these requirements are, in particular, radio sets CRUISE-203, BYLINA-209, radio-tape player BYLINA-211-STEREO. A radio set or radio-fape-player with antenna type AP-108 (on the front LH fender) can be installed on your request at a service station.

Windshield wiper - electric, with two blades, two modes of operation (continuous and intermittent). Motor power rating - 20 W.

Tailgate glass wiper - electric, with one blade, one mode of operation

(continuous). Motor power rating - 20 W.

Headlight wipers - electric, power drain 1.5 A.

Windshield, taligate glass and headlight washers - motor-operated.

Heater. Motor-operafed heater fan, power rating - 20 W.

Ignition switch - controls ignition system, external lighting devices, instruments and starter;. is installed on steering column and is provided with antitheft device.

Horn - electric, high-and-low tone.

External lighting: headlights with light units made to European standards; front lights with marker lights and direction indicator lamps; side direction indicafors; fail lights with marker lamps, fog lights, direction indicator lamps, backing light lamps, stoplight lamps and reflectors; number plate lights.

Instrument cluster: speedometer with trip counter and odometer; fuel level gauge; coolant temperature gauge; tachometer; warning lamps; power system condition signalling lighf-emitting diode.

Lamps. Places of installation and types are indicated in Appendix 1.




Body - Three-door, all-metal, unitized. Front doors with hinges at the front and windows with two glasses - one of which is vent window, the other, rolldown glass. Tailgate door opens upwards. Windshield and tailgage glasses are panoramic. Windshield glass is triplex; side and tailgafe glasses are hardened. All glasses are polished, splinterproof. Bumpers - with rubber covers in the front and plastic covers at the sides. Front seats are separate, with headrests, and stepiess backrest rake adjustment. Front seats can be moved fore-and-aft to provide comfortable posture for the driver and passenger. Front seats move forward when folding the backrests to get access to the rear seat.

Body equipment: instrument panel; ash tray and cigarette lighter on floor casing lining; ash trays on side walls at rear seat; glove box; sun visors; external and infernal rear view mirrors; arm rests on front doors; hand rails; seat belts; shelf for medicine kit, newspapers and magazines under instrument panel at passenger's side; front and rear wheel flaps; fire extinguisher fasfener under front passenger seat; luggage compartment shelf; electric heater for tailgate glass.

Ventilation and heating. Ventilation, heating, demisfing of windshield and front door glasses are provided by air sucked from the outside. Heating system is connected to engine cooling system. Air is delivered along air ducts arranged under instrument panel. Motor driven fan with two operating speeds increases circulation of air. At outside ambient air temperature of minus 25 'C mean temperature inside car, with heating system at full blast, is 20 'C and in the zone of driver's and passengers' feet - up to plus 25 'C.

. The car is furnished with exhaust ventilation with air getting out through holes on body side panels.


Filling Capacities

Fuel tank (including reserve of 4-6.5 L), L 42

Engine cooling system (including body heating system),L 10.7

Engine lubrication system (including oil filter), L 3.75

Gearbox, L 1.35

Rear axle housing, L 1.3

Steering gear case, L 0.18

Transfer case, L 0.75

Front axle housing, L 0,9

Clutch hydraulic system, L 0.2

Brake hydraulic system, L 0.66

Front shock absorber, L 0.12

Rear shock absorber, L 0.195

Windshield and headlighf washer tank, L 5.0

Tailgafe glass washer tank, L 2.0

Main Adjustment and Check Data

Valve clearances on cold engine, mm 0.15

Axial clearance in front wheel hub beatings, mm:

set at adjustment 0.01-0.07

maximum tolerable in service 0.15

Deflection of alternator drive belt at 1 00 N (1 0 kgf), mm . 10-15

Spark plug gap, mm 0.7-0.8

Clutch pedal free travel, mm 25-35

Density of coolant TOC011 A-40 at 20 'C, g/cm 1.078-1.085

Brake pedal free travel with engine shut down, mm 3-5

Steering wheel play with car wheels in straight-ahead position,

maximum, degrees 5

Same, measured on wheel rim 18-20

Front wheel toe-in for run-in car under load', measured

between wheel rims, mm 2-4

Camber of front wheels for run-in car under load', measured

between rim and vertical, mm 1-5

Same, degrees 0'30' 20'

Caster for run-in car under load', degrees 3'30'30'

Kingpin inclination for run-in car, degrees 11030'

Minimum tolerable thickness of friction linings, mm:

front brakes 1.5

rear brakes 2.0

Coolant temperature in warmed up engine at air temperature

of 20-30 'C, in fully laden car running at speed of 80 km/h,

maximum, 'C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95

Coolant level in expansion tank when engine is cold 3-4 cm

above MIN


Brake fluid level in brake and clutch reservoirs to lower

edge of filler


Oil pressure in engine lubrication system at crankshaff speed of

5400 min-' and oil temperature of 85 'C, MPa (kgf/cM2). 0.35-0.45


Initial spark advance angle, BTDC, degrees lol'

Tyre air pressure, MPa (kgf/cm 2)

front wheels 0.21 (2.1)

rear wheels 0.19 (1.9)


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